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Gift Day on Sunday 26th February

Dear Church Family


As you know, the pandemic and our reduced footfall/decrease in hall bookings have had a negative impact on our finances. This means that our income is currently less than our essential expenditure.


This has come at a time when Belinda, our Children & Young People’s Worker, who is grant funded, has come to the end of her grant.  Belinda is doing great work with our 5-18 year olds but the truth is that we cannot afford to keep paying her out of church funds. (You will recall that we have secured money to complete our refurbishment by selling Somerville Hall, but you will also remember that, in order to get that money, we had to sign a document to promise that we would not use any of that money for anything other than to build a new community building).


We have already applied for further grant funding for Belinda which will cover her wages for a further period, but that grant will not be available to us before June this year. So……. 


In faith we are going to hold a Gift Day on Sunday 26th February with the hope that we can raise the £10,000 we need to be able to pay Belinda between January and June this year. 


We know that some of you will not be able to afford to give towards Belinda’s work, but you can still help by praying for this Gift Day. Others of you will be able to give some money to support our Children & Young People’s ministry.


We would ask that you prayerfully consider if you can support us, to enable Belinda to carry on with the great work that she is doing.  


Specific envelopes will be made available for people to give on 26th February – or throughout the following week - and if you’re a taxpayer then please do fill in the Gift Aid section so that we can claim a further 25p for every £1 given. 


If you wish to donate online then please note that this is a different account to the usual one; please use this St Chad’s Church account : 


Sort code 207289
Account number 10407917
Account name Saint Chad’s Parochial Church Council


And please put ‘Youth’ as your reference. 


Our PCC believes that together we can make a difference and through our combined generosity we will be able to let Belinda carry on working with our children and young people, which is such vital work in Chadwell Heath. 


Please do give generously if you can, but also do pray for this important outreach. 


Many thanks 


Yours in Christ 



God loves a cheerful giver
2 Corinthians 9:7

At St Chad’s Church, we seek to be ‘Christ, inside and out.’ Our regular members know that we need to resource that vision, and our church family contribute to our vision in many ways, one of which is financially.  (Please look at the rest of our website to see other ways of joining in).
Being a registered charity means that we can benefit from the government’s Gift Aid scheme for any donations from a taxpayer. (If you’re not a taxpayer then we cannot claim Gift Aid). Below are several ways of giving to St. Chad’s, but if you are a taxpayer then please make sure you Gift Aid your giving to make the most out of your money. (We are able to claim back the tax you have paid on your gift – that’s 25p in every £1 which makes a substantial difference to us.)

How you can help to resource the vision: 

  • You can give through your employer’s payroll giving scheme (not all employers run this scheme, so you would need to ask your Human Resources Team if they run it). Again, make sure you Gift Aid your giving if you are entitled to do that.

  • You can give directly through your internet banking. This can also be used for ‘one-off’ giving options such as for a disaster appeal. If your gift is a ‘one-off’ please put details of that in the reference part of the transfer. Our church bank details are:

    Saint Chad’s Church Parochial Church Council
    Barclays Bank PLC
    Address:    Romford & Barking Group
    PO BOX 1006
    IG11 8AT
    Sort code: 20-25-19    Account Number: 73788792


NB please use your name as a reference on your payment. This will enable us to claim Gift Aid, where applicable.

  • You can join our Envelope Regular Giving Scheme. This can also be Gift Aided, but it is a less effective and more cumbersome way of claiming Gift Aid. That said, some people do prefer to give this way, especially those who are not taxpayers and therefore cannot Gift Aid their giving. Contact our church office to sign up to this scheme.

Regular giving is a testimony to our faith and a matter of the heart between God and the individual, but we believe at St Chad’s that together we can make a difference. Being responsible with our finances is just one way we can achieve that.
If you need any help or have any questions, please contact our Churchwarden, Bob Crowther at

"Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously."

2 Corinthians 9

Thank you for helping us to be, ‘Christ, inside and out’


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