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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything,
by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your requests to the lord.”
Phillipians Ch4: v6

Here at St Chad’s, we believe fully that prayer underpins all that we do and all that we are as disciples in Christ. Prayer is fundamental in our relationship with God, and vital if we are to journey with Him as individuals and as His church. Prayer really is the pathway to us growing as:

"Christ, inside and out".

Beyond encouraging individuals in personal prayer and also intimate prayer with just one or two close friends, we at St Chad’s encourage folks to join in prayer in a variety of ways:

Prayer Ministry Team

At St Chad’s we have a team of trained people who would love to pray in confidence with you or for you after our 10.45 am Sunday service.

This is a time of ministry in which, in a relaxed and loving way, we can come before God, bringing to him those things on our hearts, or reaching out to him for his healing touch.

All are invited to come for this ministry after the service. For more information please contact Joy Blackwood.

Pastoral Ministry Team

Our Pastoral Ministry Team is similarly trained and authorised by the church leadership to reach out to those in our church family and beyond in confidence, seeking God’s ministering touch. Folks from the team will visit and pray with anyone who is seeking God’s graceful healing and wisdom in the life issues they are facing.

For more information please contact Revd Christine Harding.

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