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Meets on the first Tuesday of the month in church from 7.30pm - 9pm.

If you enjoy reading, writing, or just hearing poetry then why not join them?

To whet your appetite, here's a clarion call from group member Jeanie Wilde:


Come and join us oh please do

we'd love to see more of YOU!

our numbers are so very few

There's Phil and John and even me

and we enjoy some poetry

Just bring along some favourite verse

no need to practice or rehearse

It's great to listen and to share

you'll find a friendly welcome there

Don't have to be clever just you see

well I've already said there's even me

You'd be surprised what you could write

no no no please don't take fright

try your hand at a line or two

COME AND JOIN US - Oh please DO!

(and......should it fail to make you grin 

then just chuck it in the wheelie bin)! '


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